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Omnicall Onvisource for the medical and healthcare industry.BIG Messages voicemail system helps to alleviate unnecessary pages. For medical practices, our system can be designed with a voicemail greeting that will help filter out non-urgent calls such as pharmacy prescriptions and refills, office hours, office appointments/cancellations, and general office information. Callers are able to leave a non-urgent message in a voicemail box that office staff can check from a touch-tone phone at their leisure. Callers may access office hours, addresses, or fax numbers directly from the recordings, as well

 OnviCall™Business Application Management by OnviSource.
Complete call handling for inbound and outbound contact centers.

Offer more services, handle larger call volumes and deliver customized solutions with OnviCall™ integrated telephony, call handling, database management, web access and message dispatch features – all through our integrated, easy-to-use OnviNet™ platform.

OnviCall™ brings individual call handling components together into a single, cost effective application for contact centers and teleservices providers.

Flexible, Inbound Call Handling

  • OnviCall™ handles calls directly from a Central Office or a PBX through the full-featured OnviTrax™ Automatic Call Distributor (ACD).
  • Triggered by the call ANI or DNIS,OnviCall™ Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) automatically populates custom answer phrases for agents, creating a transparent environment where they can process a wide variety of calls quickly and easily.
  • OnviCall™ supports OnviNet™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to automatically answer calls without a live operator and send them to the OnviTrax™ Intelligent ACD for routing.

Easy to Implement, Blended Call Handling

  • Blended inbound and outbound environments are easy to implement with OnviCall™, enabling agents to accept incoming calls and also auto-dial scheduled outbound calls.


Inbound Call Processing

  • OnviCall™ routes calls from multiple PRI’s and T1’s to agents or voice mail services. Drive overall performance and profitability higher with automated call handling that enables agents to answer the greatest number of calls in the shortest possible time.

Outbound Call Processing

  • High volume contact centers can rely on the OnviNet™ optional Predictive Dialer to ensure accurate dialing and reduced dial times, enabling agents to process more calls as quickly as possible. Contact centers using OnviCall™ and OnviNet™ Dialer experience increased productivity and generate higher revenues through automated efficiency.

Message Dispatch

  • OnviCall™ messaging efficiently and consistently delivers messages to recipient pagers, fax machines, email addresses and cell phones. Messages and other information can be dispatched automatically or manually. Schedules can be configured to dispatch information at different times using various dispatch methods.

Each dispatched message contains a history that includes the number of times a message was paged, which operators handled the message and when it was successfully delivered.

Accucall Message Dispatch

Accucall Dispatch Page - Each dispatched message contains a history that includes the number of times a message was paged

On-Call SchedulerOnviCall™ Scheduler automatically rotates persons on call for each account with the option of dispatching messages manually or setting up messages for automatic delivery. Schedules can be configured for up to one year in advance.

Accucall On-Call SchedulerOnviCall™ Scheduler automatically rotates persons on call for each account

Accucall On-Call SchedulerOnviCall™

Agent Functions OnviCall™ gives agents the ability to handle all call types professionally and consistently while gathering desired information in a fully customizable message format that can be shared with clients.

Accucall Agent Functions OnviCall™

Accucall Agent Functions OnviCall gives agents the ability to handle all call types professionally.

Agents located at a remote site can log into the OnviCall™ server via a high speed Internet connection and establish a voice path by using a dial-up telephone connection or VoIP with OnviCall™ ‘s remote dial-on-demand. Calls can then be routed in rotation without requiring a dedicated talk path.

  • Dedicated Speed Dial
  • Operator Chat
  • Echo/Reminders